Sea Glass – reflection + history + rebirth

Authentic P.E.I.

What is sea glass? 

Sea glass (genuine sea glass) is tumbled broken glass from the ocean. A piece originates as pieces of glass from broken bottles, tableware, or even shipwrecks which get tumbled in the ocean over years until the edges become rounded off, smoothed, and the slickness of the glass has been worn off to create a frosted appearance, polished by the water of the ocean, waves, rocks, and sands. Once brushed up onto the water side it remains on the beach to be discovered and cherished by someone who truly appreciates its history, value, and beauty.

The glass used for your one of a kind piece came from the coast of Rollo Bay, PEI off Souris. It is an authentic sea glass from PEI, harvested by myself (Kerri), my family, my sister, her mother-in-law and my nephew. We often spend time in PEI, visiting her side of the family touring the island. The last trip we took a group of us grabbed our paddle boards and pulled the kids in a canoe alongside us to a remote spot we frequent to sea glass and picnic for the day.  The water is shallow enough to walk in but deep enough to use the paddle boards and canoe.  You will frequently have seals visit and watch us, as they are very curious about who we are.


What is the rarest type of sea glass?

Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide

  • The Seven Ultra Rare Sea Glass Colors: Orange | Turquoise | Red | Yellow | Black | Teal | Gray.
  • Five Rare Sea Glass Colors: Pink | Aqua | Cobalt & Cornflower Blue | White | Purple (Amethyst)
  • The More Common Sea Glass Colors: Amber | UV Green | Sea Foam Green | White & Brown.

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