Unconvention Gift Giving

Looking for a unique gift for a friend, co-worker or someone special. Crystal giving is your unconventional gift giving, instead of looking for flowers bouquets, or the box of chocolates, send a little box of rocks. Crystals for any gift occasion, are ideal for that unique gift or hard to shop for person in your life.

People who resonate with stones love to hold them, feel them, and carry them. However, when you find the stones you connect with, you cannot always carry them around with you. So, I started making jewelry and pocket size kits so you can have the benefits of their energies in your every day to day life.

People go through many chapters in their life, whether it’d be heartbreak, falling in love, new career, illness, you name it. Stones give off a subtle energy each in its own unique way. The energy given off by a crystal is determined by the internal structure and the vibrations that are specific to that structure. I wanted to bring that knowledge to people so they too can use them in their life’s chapters and manifestation purposes.”

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